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    Get APPROVED for boat financing through Canada's top lenders with a single application.

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  • Stop taking excessive credit checks.

    Start shopping for your next watercraft.

    Shopping at multiple dealerships can damage your credit score with credit checks being performed with every visit.

    Our partners at Revival Powersports have access to the majority of Canadian lenders with one credit application.

    Marine Financing - Link to the Best Rates

    Top-Tier Boat Loan Rates & Terms

    Get access to the best lenders in Canada all under one roof. When you visit multiple dealers, you'll have a number of credit hits - many of which are from the same lender. Using only reputable lenders, Revival Powersports will get you set up with the best loan based on your credit.

    Bad Credit Boat Financing - Link

    Bad Credit? There Might Be An Option!

    Life can throw unexpected curveballs your way. Revival Powersports offers judgement free approvals allowing those with poor credit situations to lock in a boat or watercraft loan. With an 88%+ approval rate, if they can't get you approved - nobody can!

    Bad Credit Boat Financing - Link

    Skip Dealership Sales Tactics

    Let's face it - most marine dealerships can NOT be trusted! Our partners at Revival Powersports disclose all fees up front and offer a process that is completely free of pressure sales. You're free to shop for what you want within your approval!

  • Get an accurate boat loan quote.

    Our boat loan calculator includes honest fee estimates so that you can have a real idea as to how much your payment should amount to.

  • Marine Financing F.A.Q.

    Offering complete transparency on current rates and terms for boat loans in Canada.